27 July 2014

I N S P I R E / sunday mix

For a less serious post, I gathered a few pictures for inspiration. I find them quite useful, specially for sundays — if you're anything like me, and if it's also your only free day, you'll just want to lay in bed/stay on the couch doing nothing all day — browsing some inspiring websites like Pinterest can really help fight procrastination and get some inspiration for the week.

Pictures from Pinterest and mydubio 

Also, I narrowed down some ideas to do on sundays/free days that really help make the stressful upcoming week a bit less stressful:

Clean — The house-wife work is really not for me, I hate it, but lets be honest, no one's doing it for you, so get the job done asap — change the sheets, do your laundry, clean the floor, clean the bathroom — all those boring things we won't have time to do during the week, but will annoyingly linger on your To Do list till next sunday.

Organize — In general really, an organized home always helps at busy times. But moreover, have a good look at your wardrobe and try organizing it a little better as well as finding some outfits for the week. Plus, the skincare/make up department: keep it particularly organized so you won't be looking for that lipstick at 7am (and don't forget to clean your make-up brushes!).

Re-decor — Move stuff around, try new perspectives, just to keep all the corners interesting. it doesn't have to be massive re-decorating, some suddle changes can really make a difference and give you a fresh new environment for the week — changing the pictures on your walls, re-doing the bedside stand, bringing some new elements, storing old ones, bringing fresh flowers — there're a million possibilities just don't let it get boring.

To do lists — Sit don't and tick those last items on that list, make sure you have all of those done — so you can start a new one obviously — set new goals, write down your errands, it will make everything so much easier.

Cook — That recipe you wanted to try? Now its the time to do it: experiment, don't be afraid to try new things — if you burn it or it turns out rubbish you'll have time to do something else to eat, no one will spend their short lunch break cooking and risk ending up with a fail-dish on their stomach for the rest of the day. Also, check your fridge and plan your meals.

Relax — Yes, you'll still have time for that, always re-charge your batteries — whether its a long spa-like bath, a walk in the park, a relaxed coffee with friends, exercise, movies, reading, random internet browsing — whatever rocks your boat, always find time to relax.

I hope you find this inspiring aswell. Have nice week.

(Só em inglês desta vez, desculpem)

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